Is It Worth To Buy Tequilla Singapore?

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Beverage companies are now entering the market of tequila. Amidst the usual agave spirit, one knows and loves—the spirits brand has gone on to launch non alcoholic tequila, the very first of its kind.

The tequila combines the brand’s modern product, providing zero-proof whiskey and gin. This non-alcoholic tequila will most likely replace the base alcohol in Margaritas, Palomas, and beyond.

What makes up the non-alcoholic tequila? 

This product skips conventional agave spirits’ cooking, harvesting, and distilling procedure. Alternately, the liquid was created via an additive method of blending the botanicals opted to replicate a flavor profile of every spirit. Their Tequila Alternative attributes a grassy smell and notes of green pepper, guava, and Mexican lime which is very much the making of non alcoholic spirit.

The introduction product from Bristol-based firm Mockingbird Alcohol-Free Spirit and professes to be the very first alcohol-free ‘Tequila’ made with the Blue Weber agave.

The Effort

This product was made by Fern McCoy during this Covid-19 pandemic and resulted from 7 months of testing and tasting. The expression generally contains 12 calories on every 50ml serving.

The firm said it’d aligned itself with a non-alcoholic sector. Also, will focus on a wellbeing trend. The company’s ethos is to embrace the mockingbirds’ spirit via imitating Tequila’s innate taste and the heart of mezcal.

Well, that’s all you have here to read and learn before you buy tequila online. To know, more you may go on to the internet and gather more and more information.

Hopefully, this guide will help those who are into non-alcoholic tequila.