Barramundi fillet – an exotic gift from sea

barramundi fillet

An exotic fish from sea that is well known for its classic taste that can go with many dishes, barramundi is a fish that checks all the boxes in making it get a fixed spot in your refrigerator. Just because of it’s versatility, the fish is favourite in restaurants and household kitchens alike. The fish is normally seen whole but it can also be filleted. you are in love with this white meaty fish, you can easily purchase barramundi fillet online.

What is Barramundi?

While having seafood, you have to keep many things in mind. Problems related to mercury and other contaminants along with environmental concerns may make seafood unsafe. But that is not the case with this fish. Barramundi or Asian sea brass is a fish similar to snapper, striped bass, and grouper. The fish has a delicious white meat. It’s texture is mild, firm and sweet.

The fish is abundantly found in the Indo Pacific region between India, Southeast Asia, and Australia. The fish spend some part of it’s life in rivers and estuaries and some in seas and hence, is adaptable to both fresh and salt water. The fish can be grown easily in ponds, freshwater tanks, and cages.

How does this exotic fish tastes like?

Barramundi is a fish that can go with any dish whether it is a curry, fish cake, rice or fish and chips. The white fleshed fish has a nice firm texture. The fish tastes delicious with it’s natural silky, sweet, and buttery flavour.