Things have learned from watching rachael ray lasagna pans

We have to confess up until knew nothing. We owned a cookie sheet, two baskets and a toaster. The diet’s staples were hamburgers, pasta, pizza, food and Cool Ranch Doritos. One night, completely by chance, it happened to encounter an episode of Rachael Ray’s series 30 Minute Meals on the Food Network. From that night on, our entire life changed. Form and we started to understand an appreciation for cooking.

  1. All day soup does not take to make

We believed soup required more or six hours to create. We were pleasantly surprised to learn you can add vegetables, spices and meat to readymade inventory and there you have a soup!

  1. Everything is made by olive oil taste good

We thought of oil that never used it and delicacy. But since watching Rachael Ray, we put olive oil or as she calls it, EVOO on everything. From dipping bread in it to coat chicken breasts into drizzling olive oil over frozen French fries before placing them in the oven, olive oil has awakened me to how good food is supposed to taste.

rachael ray lasagna pans

  1. Homemade pasta sauce and Salsa

We could not believe making pasta sauce or salsa could be simple to make let alone taste like the jars we purchased. It took less than ten minutes when I made salsa. It was just as hot as we needed it to be and it was much thicker than what we were used to. This was the first time we made something we wanted more readymade. On Rachael Ray shows maintained homemade pasta sauce was better because it was more economical and you could make it in any manner you wanted to. Like soup, we thought making pasta sauce could be a lengthy procedure. It was no. We took Rachael’s advice and extra parsley to a can of crushed tomatoes and got creative with all the other ingredients we included. It turns out.

  1. There are a million ways to make a burger

AllĀ rachael ray lasagna pans has turned making Hamburgers in an art form. For us, a hamburger used to be composed in a bun all of a beef patty, lettuce, cheese and ketchup. Now, we are making turkey, tuna and lamb burgers topped with cheeses and veggies we would have never envisioned on a hamburger such as spinach. For us, it is not about getting creative with a food that won over us. It is being able to bring a takeout dish and make it our own we have grown to appreciate.