New amazon coin and bitcoins taking over the world?

If were at its earnings, country would make it and it has its own money. Owners of a Kindle Fire got a deposit of 500 Amazon Coins to receive their citizenship kick started.

Are Amazon Coins a Digital Currency Like Bitcoin?

Will people the US dollar of the legal tender of the United States in favor of Amazon No; the roll from Amazon Coins is indeed for thousands of Kindle Fire programs, games and in-app things at or in your own Kindle Fire – not movies or books. And while coins that were bought never perish coins received for part of another offer last for a year. The average lifespan of a digital device nowadays is shorter than Napoleon ducking beneath a goat. For now if you ditch the Fire for an iPad, Amazon has to keep your coins.

Online Coin

Unlike the, Bitcoin Way of transactions for rare earth magnets and drug prices depended upon by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there is no exchange market for Amazon Coins. In actuality, Amazon states, Coins cannot be resold, transferred for value, redeemed for cash or applied to some other accounts, except to the extent required by law. Second Life Linden Dollars can be exchanged for Bitcoins, and then traded back on one of Bitcoin System exchanges into money. Amazon is selling their coins at a discount – 500 coins for $4.80 up to 10,000 coins for $90.00 – which appears to be a fantastic deal. At around a 10 percent discount, it is like preventing the Internet sales tax which might be implemented in the future if Congress has its way. Contrast this with Microsoft who uses a point system but provides only 80 points per dollar. You sell or give points to purchase games and programs, plus boost consumer wallet-share of goods such as Skype which the points may be spent calling if you’re Microsoft.

Google and Apple and Microsoft have their program distribution systems, and Amazon has their hardware platform Kindle so why not Amazon wants to enlarge its share of the tablet while pushing e-books, games product, but needs more programs developed, so just like Microsoft’s Xbox Marketplace point system, Amazon Coins serve to incent developers to supply Fire versions and discuss the revenue, soften the sticker shock of buys, and get consumers hooked into other offerings like the rumored Amazon set-top box. Said one reviewer on Amazon: I cannot find this coin item being good in any respect. Not only does it hide the real price of any material or items being sold, but it fails to defend the balance on the account if an unauthorized user gets hold of any mobile device with 1-click enabled.