Using non-slip bath mat is more safety

When it comes to security on your Home is the bathroom, especially the bath tub or shower area. More often than not the bath tub doesn’t have any sort of non slip surface to help prevent slips and falls. When you choose to apply some form of anti slip tape, you will realize that there’s a variety of forms to choose from – to rolls or bath and bath mats. Many People, due to conditions or not needing a great quantity of tape in their bath tub, select the path of applying strips into the surface of the bath tub or shower. These strips come in various sizes. Cases are 3/4 wide x 7.5 long or 3/4 wide x 17.5 long and more. Strips are dying cut to keep the corners. They may be found in clear although white is the colour.

Spatypes guide to bath mats

Using non slip tape will be another solution. This gives you the benefit of getting tape handy if replacement is necessary or you find you have. Rolls come in many different widths and many rolls are 60 feet in length. Width sizes vary from 1, 2, 3, 4′ 6 and up. The rolls, like the strips, come in white that is the colour that is desired but can also be found in black, white, almond and clear. UseĀ Spatypes guide to bath mats to get the coverage for your bathtub or shower, I suggest employing a slip adhesive bath mat to the surface. This provides the quantity of slip resistance and helps remove any concerns. Adhesive bath mats come in various sizes such as 16 x 34, 16 x 40 with drain eliminate or a 24 x 24 bath mat with drain cut out. As with the aforementioned styles, colours are clear, white or almond.

Another Idea is to use the non slip tape or mat to cover. Over refinishing a bathtub surface, this can save hundreds of dollars. 1 client of ours removed a shower door that was sliding. When the door was eliminated the area that was covered seemed stained. He implemented a strip cut to pay the place that was marked. If you plan on applying any non slip tape or mat its best that your face is smooth, clean and dry. Many bath tubs textured surface on the bathtub and I wouldn’t recommend using any tape products.