Independent traveler does not rhyme well with organized stay, you can imagine! However, must we exclude this mode of vacation? The name of my blog speaks for itself and you can imagine that I rarely go on an organized trip although I have already done it once. However, I think that this mode of travel may be suitable for some people and I will, therefore, make a quick list of the various advantages and disadvantages of an organized stay. I’m counting on you to complete it in the comments

Advantage of an organized stay:

  • We do not worry about anything for the preparation
  • We can be guided
  • Accommodation, meals, and transport are already provided
  • We are usually accompanied by a French-speaking guide
  • The services are of quality
  • Negotiated rates in bulk and a budget normally without surprises because everything is included
  • We are assisted in case of problems
  • May be more suitable for a family trip

egypt tour packages

Important Documents during the tour


  • Check that your passport is valid for 3 to 6 months after the date of return
  • If you need to create a biometric passport, pay attention to the deadlines (4 weeks minimum)! You can do it in any city hall, some have lower waiting times. egypt tour packages is very famous

For passport application procedures, appointment on the public service website


  • For the list of necessary visas, their cost and the terms of issue, appointment on the action-visa website
  • Be aware of delays that can be very long (from 1 to 4 weeks depending on the country).
  • Some visas can be obtained on arrival, the rates are sometimes more interesting on the spot. If some countries offer this type of visa “on arrival”, beware, they are sometimes delivered at major airports.